Thursday, June 3, 2010

The hardest thing of my life

One day at my friend's house, I heard somebody say, "we're gonna have to move." I went outside and saw that it was my mom.

A couple days later, we ordered a big box that we could pack all our things in.
It was really hard, but one of the days, my friend Zack came over and I got to play with my friend Elina. We got to jump and play in the big box and climb.

It was getting a little sad, because i really liked my house.

My mom said to my grandma, that we needed to stay at her house for a little while until the new house got fixed.

The day we bought the house, we went there and spent the night. We had lots of fun. The next day was mothers day and we went to have breakfast in Alameda at Jim's. That was fun.
Then, a couple days later, on Friday, we went to my grandmothers house. My dad started to work on our new house.

Sometimes we got to go stay with him and help work.

The first morning at my Bubbe's house, we had pancakes for breakfast. We have stayed here a long time and the house isn't ready yet, but even though I'm sad because we're not living on the same block as my friends anymore, I'm happy that i still have my friends. We're only staying one more week at my grandma's house and there are some things that I want you to know about my new house. The first thing is that we're gonna have a secret hideout in my room. The other thing i want to tell you about is my house is really pretty and gonna be fun to live in. My backyard is really little, but I'm still gonna have some fun in it.

The End


  1. Razi - this is SO cool! Thanks for showing me the pictures and sharing your experience. I like hearing all about it. I can't wait to read more!!!! Hasta manana little one :) Kiss everyone from us xo

  2. Razi, nice blogging girly. Your new house is going to be soooo cool.
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow at the WD!

  3. Lily says...
    Hi Razi! I like your blog. It's cool. I want to write a blog now. I'm sad that you moved away. I'm glad I got to see you yesterday. My mom says your new house is right near the library. I like the library. It's fun. I wish that we could go to the library together some day.
    Your friend,