Saturday, July 10, 2010

we're here

we're in the new house. i like it now that its finished. my room has this thing in the closet, like a loft. you climb the bunk bed and get into it. i like to play up there. my sister and i were pretending we were trapped in a small room and the metal frame of the top bunk was laser beams that we had to get past. my friend Henry came over and we played up there.

there was something scary that my dad smelled at night. he smelled smoke in the house. he realized it was our next door neighbors. they made a fire in a garbage can.

my mom thought people could see inside the windows during the day. my dad said they couldn't and to prove it, he said, i'll take off my pants! But he didn't do it.

we made my brother into an xman: weapon d